Working only with iOS

I’ve been on vacation* since Friday afternoon, but I didn’t manage to close everything that needed to be closed before leaving. My wife also needed to finish some things for work, so both of us spent Monday and a chunk of Tuesday working. My wife came better prepared; she came with her laptop, since she’ll be going to a conference straight from our vacation, 3 weeks from now.

I made a conscious choice of not taking my laptop with me. I only came with my iPhone and iPad.

This is the first time I actually needed to get things done using only my iOS devices, and they passed the test with flying colors! Thanks to IBM’s embrace of GitHub Enterprise, Slack, Bluemix, and Box, I was able to access all my files, code, and talk to my colleagues without a hitch.

I did not do any coding, but I did review some PRs, comment on and close some issues, and update some wiki entries.

What I’ll need to make it even better in he future is a keyboard; the virtual one takes up too much of the screen.

*No one said work-life balance was easy, especially when you care about the project.